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TXOne Networks - offers OT-native cybersecurity solutions that ensure the reliability and security of ICS environments through OT zero-trust methodology. The portfolio includes both network-based (EdgeFire, EdgeIPS) and endpoint-based (Stellar, Portable Security) solutions that integrate with the diverse resources typically found in industrial networks to provide real-time, in-depth cyber protection for both mission-critical devices and OT networks

Описание на технологията

Endpoint security

Portable Security - Portable Security - provides effective scanning and removal of malware on standalone computers that do not have access to a network. It is a portable tool that plugs into the USB port of any Windows or Linux system to detect and eliminate malware without having to install any tools that will perform this process. An additional feature of Portable Security is a central management system (ElementOne) that can be used by administrators to update security pattern files, change scan settings such as excluding files, folders and extensions from scanning.

Stellar - is an end-to-end endpoint cyber defense solution proven in various industry sectors. Stellar consists of two parts - an agent that installs on operating systems running in ICS environments and a centralized management console that streamlines their use. The Stellar agent is the first solution to offer seamless protection with full supervision for legacy and more modern systems running concurrently in an organization.

SCADA/OT Security

EdgeFire™ - is a highly integrated industrial, multi-port, secure router with next-generation firewall, NAT, VPN, IPS and managed Layer 2 switch capabilities. The solution enables network segmentation and segregation to divide the network into different control zones while providing in-depth cyber defense to ensure network access control and attack prevention for critical resources. EdgeFire™ has implemented machine learning technology, ICS Foresight Strike, which analyzes network traffic of executed operations to generate basic security policy rules. One of its main advantages is the support and identification of a wide range of industrial control protocols, including Modbus and other protocols used by well-known international companies. EdgeFire™ can be easily and flexibly switched between " Monitor" and "Prevention" modes.

EdgeIPS™ - is a broad group of security devices using "TXOne One Pass Deep Packet Inspection for Industrial" (TXODI for short) technology, providing proactive and immediate protection for industrial environments. EdgeIPS™ allows you to protect network assets with built-in signature protection and virtual patching, securing vulnerable devices and systems that do not receive security updates and patches. EdgeIPS™ devices can be deployed in two scenarios: Inline mode (directly in the path of network traffic) or Offline mode (receiving a copy of network traffic), and can be flexibly switched between "Monitor" or "Prevention" modes. EdgeIPS™ understands OT protocols, including Modbus, Ethernet/IP, CIP, EDA and others, enabling OT and IT security administrators to work together.

EdgeOne™ - a centralized system that enables the management of Edge Series devices in OT environments displaying to administrators a map of the connections between them, as well as providing insight into the shadow OT environment. For facilities with a large number of EdgeIPS™, EdgeFire™ devices, the EdgeOne™ management console can streamline administration and help perform operations such as signature updates, firmware installation, and viewing and editing deployed security policies. The EdgeOne™ system's ability to log all policy enforcement and protocol filtering activities, as well as collect system logs, allows the creation of comprehensive threat reports.

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